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At the time it’s annoying when it feels like something you made hasn’t worked. But the things that don’t work are the things that teach you the most. Because you know what needs to change! During this process of making and testing, reflecting and developing, the Mandelbrot Project generated a methodology around this process of exploration in search of new discoveries. All parts of the process, including the collaboration element, became part of this methodology. 

structural collaboration, mechanisms with geometrical motion, calculations of form derived from the mathematical rules of nature. 

Can we spark an emotional connection between people by designing methods for them to activate / be engaging with the same structural mechanism simultaneously? 

Hoorahh for slinkies! The slinky shows us the shape of rhythmic motion :) 

The Mandelbrot Project has been set up to explore new ways of connecting people past invisible barriers like autism and beyond, by using the power of discovery, creation and wonderment! This project was started by an autistic person’s sister with an aim to discover new ways of sharing a connection with somebody who is autistic, and uses natural patterns like the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence to create moments of shared wonderment and discovery!  

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Raffy Norris and Michelle Jani 

Hugely inspirational people. Raffy loves to look at the aeroplanes fly across the sky, and watch the birds singing in the trees. Raffy has limited verbal communication and often uses sign language. Mish, Raffy and family have agreed to try out TMP’s first ever Discovery Box… P H I #001! 

Exploring the relationship between form and sound. Manifesting nature’s rules in geometrical design

Divine proportion in form and in sound, shapes within shapes in fractal geometrics, what spins? what dings?

What naturally intrigues and inspires our minds to create waves of excitement sparking human connection?

Pulley Systems, Cogs and the Golden Ruler 

All components have a certain relativity to each other. The Golden Ratio, Nature’s Divine Proportion. Action, reaction. No part of any design process stands alone. It all feeds in to the evolution of ideas. Just as one cog’s teeth lock into another one’s as it turns, any idea made physical leads to another five springing to mind. In other words, it’s all connected.